You cannot change the dynamics of economic processes, but with ZEN GYM you can learn to handle it more effectively.

As a top performer in a business or as a self-employed person, you are, whether you realise it or not, potentially, exposed to special health risks. Studies have revealed that the state of health of executives, in particular, has deteriorated rapidly over the last 50 years. According to WHO, the top health risks of the 21st century are burnout and back problems. More than 50 % of the total work absences due to illness are caused by muscular, skeletal, respiratory or mental disorders, with a rising tendency!

Especially in the service sector, the majority of absences are caused by psychosomatic illnesses. In Germany, the average rate of absenteeism due to illness is about 20 days (per annum). Approximately half of these sick days are caused by stress. Not only the pressure of work rises with work intensification, but unfortunately also the superficiality in daily communication is bound to increase. The absence of praise and esteem often leads to mental disorders, too. The negative consequences for businesses are higher fluctuation rates among company staff, disharmony in teams and inner resignation.

Another stress factor is the discrepancy between demands and freedom of action. Social developments such as permanent contactability, flexibility, mobility and individualisation can hardly be changed. But we can learn to live with these changed conditions and counteract social stress.

CCHM: Comprehensive Corporate Health Management

Optimisation of lifestyle and comprehensive health management. The “Gesundheit & Arbeit” (Health and Occupation) initiative, a joint organisation formed by statutory health and accident insurers, has calculated that the ROI (return on investment) factor for corporate health management actions in Germany is about 1:6. This means that for every SINGLE EURO spent on preventive healthcare, a company saves approximately SIX EUROS in costs for illness and sick days.

The positive results of implementing comprehensive corporate health management are impressive:

- Healthier, more motivated and more satisfied associates.
- Fewer health risks in the company (lifestyle diseases such as burnout, back disorders).
- Reduction of morbidity.
- Promotion of health awareness.
- Increase in mindfulness within the company.
- Significant improvement in shop morale.
- Increase in the company’s vitality, efficiency and consequently competitiveness.
- Optimised work-life balance for key personnel.


The personal OFFER for you:


Our exclusive personnel training and team coaching at the ZEN GYM Institute covers three core areas:

1.) Physical training = sports & exercise with just the right posture, respiration and exertion for you.
2.) Mental training = meditation, mindfulness and relaxation.
3.) Nutritional counselling and optimisation of your lifestyle (no rigorous diets).