Mindful meditative fitness training

Optimized lifestyle and enhancement of your whole personality

First-hand experience of a symbiosis between Zen meditation, physical exercise and mindfulness training for conscious stress reduction, in personal training courses or in a team

The relaxation and stress reduction techniques we apply to assist you have been practised for several thousand years. They combine Zen philosophy with traditional Chinese medicine, sports and fitness training.

To enhance your well-being, we will teach you to perform every individual exercise slowly, precisely and with concentration. Together with the correct posture and respiration techniques, this will result in a positive body tension. The complete programme of exercises, together with counselling on lifestyle guidelines to suit your needs, will create the right conditions for you to bring a feeling of comfort back to your life. This will be combined with a balanced diet. The combination of both these strategies will have a preventive and rehabilitative effect in counteracting various lifestyle disorders such as postural defects, respiratory problems, total exhaustion, burnout, to name just a few.

Moreover, the exercise techniques we have developed for you have been proved to enhance the positive development of your personality, which will directly become an integral part of your character. It has been proved that a person’s inner attitude, well-being and serenity being have a positive effect on the entire personality. Charisma, vitality and inner harmony contribute to improving a person’s internal and external form through targeted, regular exercises.

A comprehensive health concept, a well-balanced body, mind and soul and a convincing manner are prerequisites for personal success in both business and private life. Our personal training programme will also help you with stress management as a corporate executive, self-employed person or, regardless of your position, if you just wish to do something to improve yourself.


Christiane Weiss
Personalleiterin / Director Human Resources Germania-Werk, Schlangen, Westfalen

Dear Adrienne, dear Albert

What I liked best is how professionally you carry out the training units!!!

You are exceptionally competent and able to adapt to the individual needs of my employees.
By combining different tools, such as fitness training, meditation elements, stress reduction and mental coaching, you succeed in training the whole personality.

Personally, I have learnt here to live my life more consciously and that it is important to take care of oneself and implement a healthy lifestyle for oneself and thus set an example for others. I know that this is also true for my employees who have all experienced a positive development thanks to the professional training you provide, whether it is their physical fitness or their mental strength and lifestyle. One of my employees who also participated in a long-term training told me: "I have found my inner balance again." This encourages me in my personal recommendation for training with ZEN GYM Institut Menden für ganzheitliches Wachstum [ZEN GYM Institute Menden for Comprehensive Growth] – in the field of comprehensive health management.

Albert and Adrienne, thank you very much: you're doing an excellent job!