Comprehensive growth in your company

The state of health of key corporate personnel has deteriorated rapidly over the last 50 years. Especially executives are faced with exposure to serious health risks. According to WHO, burnout and back problems are the top health risks of the 21st century. More than 50 % of all work absences due to illness are caused by muscular, skeletal, respiratory or mental disorders! How can I protect myself and my staff from diseases and increase their efficiency? What tools can I apply and how? What needs to be observed in order to motivate company staff, to enhance their identification and preserve their health on a long-term basis? How can mindfulness, meditation, fitness training and slowdown help to attain these goals?

You will get answers to these and other questions from Adrienne Weische and Albert Wiethoff, proprietors of the ZEN GYM Institute, Menden, Germany.

Prices, time schedules and individual appointments for the presentation available upon request

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Impulse presentation at BVMW

ZEN GYM, a comprehensive coaching institute domiciled in Menden, has already held several impulse presentations as part of our activities in the Upper Sauerland district. The choice of topics ranges from optimisation of health management and stress management for executives right up to “Long-term loyalty of corporate staff”.
The contributions of both coaches target health, work-life balance, humanity and mindfulness within companies.
We are glad to have ZEN GYM as speakers and to continue this series of events.

Peter Staudt, BVMW, Chairman of the Upper Sauerland district branch, Paderborn, Soest / Germany