Team Training

Our teambuilding programme will provide you with the skills to convey the necessary non-verbal messages by your outward appearance and behaviour as a company owner or executive, to give an impression of competence, professionalism and authenticity. In this way you will be perceived as a competent ambassador for your company as an individual or as a team member. Any company and its executives will ultimately benefit from healthy, motivated and dedicated associates with an intact work-life balance.

- Regular sessions once to three times a week
- Goal-oriented team training & guidance
- Mindful meditative fitness training
- Team-building actions
- Strength training
- Stamina training
- Respiratory training
- Slowdown
- Sitting exercises
- Meditation
- Nutrition
- Discussion about an optimised lifestyle

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Jens Willmes, entrepreneur, Arnsberg-Neheim, Sauerland

Albert Wiethoff’s ZEN GYM programme fits in very well with our group dynamics and is suitable for both sportspeople and non-sportspeople. We particularly liked starting off with a breathing exercise after coming directly from work. I find this perfect, since we came to rest immediately, calmed down, concentrated, became tranquil, and the energy was there for the exercises which followed. I was particularly pleased with the special respiratory technique combined with slow, concentrated performance of the fitness exercises and elements of yoga. Given the right posture, the right way of breathing and the right tension, these exercises are not only vitalizing and pleasant, but also strengthening. We think that it is precisely this mixture of posture, respiration and tension which results in strengthening, serenity and power following the exercises. The “ZAZEN” sitting posture at the end finally brought us right back to the present and provided the necessary “slowdown”.